About stone stanley


Stone Stanley is the musical project of Jason Robert, a singer/songwriter based out of Hesperia California, a Mojave desert community in San Bernardino County.  

Rooted in blues, rock and folk, the Stone Stanley musical experience is eclectic and oozing with Americana.  In addition to Robert, the current list of musicians recording and touring in Stone Stanley are not limited to, but include, Scott Longnecker (bass), Jim McComas (guitar), Ralph Gilbert (guitar) and Pat Lucca (blues harp).  

 Departing from the soulful jam and folk rock reggae sounds of their 2011 self titled debut album, Stone Stanley now relies on a more rootsy blues, rock and folk oriented sound and approach to their material.  The band calls this style of play Mudstomp music.

Mudstomp music refers to the "dry and lonesome" sound of open desert delta style blues with an emphasis on a backbeat, akin to "romping through the desert mud" amid heavy rain.  

To achieve this sound, Robert sits center stage like a 1930's Delta street performer, playing acoustic lap and/or traditional bottleneck style blues and rock guitar through Fender amplifiers.  Robert also keeps time on a Pearl bass and snare drum with his feet. 

 While Robert's voice accompanies his drums and guitar playing, Scott Longnecker provides bottom end with a complimentary bass groove to Roberts unorthodox approach.  Pat "Midnight" Lucca accompanies on blues harp with his own brilliant blend of roots and tradition to round out a unique and intriguing sound.

This sound can be heard on the latest album, The Mudstomp Tapes (Dec 2017).