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   About Jason Robert/Stone Stanley    


Mudstomp music

Jason Robert is the singer/songwriter/front-man formerly of Stone Stanley and currently of the Jason Robert Band. The JRB have their own unique blend of americana roots blues music. It’s called Mudstomp. Mudstomp music, given the handle by Robert, is a blend of traditional delta style blues paired with an early nineties alternative “grungy” rock sound. Robert sings in rich baritone while applying delta style slide guitar riffs, either by lap or bottleneck, Dominick Camera keeps time on the drums while Scott Longnecker thumps the bass. The bands producer, Jim McComas wails on guitar while Pat Lucca provides the occasional but always tasty blues harp.

Roberts first album, Stone Stanley (2011) was more of an acoustic reggae jam band sounding album. The last two albums, Mudstomp Tapes (2018) and Death of Stone Stanley (2019) more accurately represent the bands live mudstomp sound to present date. The Death of Stone Stanley is Jason Roberts first album as a solo artists. The five piece band is currently recording their fourth album set to release in winter 2020.

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The Death of Stone Stanley

by Jason Robert

The Death of Stone Stanley is a collection of funeral dirge and gospel blues songs to commemorate the passing of Stone Stanley. The Death of Stone Stanley (2019) is the first solo album by former Stone Stanley frontman Jason Robert.


The Mudstomp Tapes

by Stone Stanley

Stone Stanley’s 2017 second full length release The Mudstomp Tapes. A collection of live takes recorded at Pepper Ranch Studios (Hesperia, Ca) Engineer: Jim McComas. A collection of tales ranging from raw and gritty blues to brutally honest ballads and outlaw folk tunes. Americana is probably the best word to sum up the mudstomp sound.

Jason Robert :drums, guitars, vocals and percussion.

Scott Longnecker: bass

Ralph Gilbert: guitar

Dan Stevens :percussion

Jim McComas: Engineer, guitar (track 11)

all songs written by Jason Robert

JStonepublishing ASCAP

except track 11

written by Warren Haynes

Universal Music Publishing Group


Stone Stanley

by Stone Stanley


6/9/18 Chappies (Hemet Ca) 8pm

6/15/18 Hilltop Tavern (Apple Valley Ca) (Bitter End Video reveal) 8pm

6/16/18 Private Showcase

6/17/18 Malainey's  (Long Beach, Ca)  7pm

6/23/18 Bitter End Video Release (Online) 7pm

7/16/18 Maui Sugar Mill (Tarzana, Ca)  7pm

8/4/18 3rd Annual Summerfest (Deep Creek, Ca)

9/1/18 New Blues Festival ( Long Beach, Ca)

9/29/18 Hilltop Tavern (Apple Valley, Ca)

10/6/18 Woodystock Blues Festival (Adelanto, Ca)

2/8/19 Arcadia Blues Club (Arcadia, Ca)

3/16/19 Hilltop Tavern (Apple Valley, Ca)

4/27/19 Huntington Beach Blues Festival (Huntington Beach, Ca)

9/2/19 Long Beach New Blues Festival (Long Beach, Ca)

more shows and venues TBA

For booking inquiries email stonestanleymusic@gmail.com

Or leave a voicemail for all inquiries


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